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SPX PPC DHA & CDA Series Heat-Les Desiccant Air Dryers

Workout on the Beach

The DHA & CDA series desiccant air dryer has been designed specifically to bring you reliable performance with unquestioned durability, in critical applications and hostile environments. The SPX Flow Pneumatic Products Heat–Les™ Pressure–Swing Desiccant Dryers DHA & CDA Series offer -40°F to -100°F and deliver unrivaled performance through standard and customized packages. 


The Legendary Select Series or Century Series control valves feature stainless steel integral parts and are tested to 1,000,000 cycles.  The Modular Electronic Controller (MEC) with AMLOC energy management can be upgraded to an Advanced Diagnostic Controller (ADC). The DHA & CDA is truly a Fit and Forget solution to compressed air drying.  Exclusive features of the DHA & CDA Series include process quality valves; SMarT ADC control system; and PPC filtration.

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