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SPX Flow Air Filtration Products HF Series

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At CDA Systems, we are dedicated to working with you and SPX Flow Hankison to deliver customized solutions for your compressed air filter demands.

The SPX Flow Hankison Air Filtration HF Series employes an easy to operate differential pressure gauge. Its differential pressure indicators indicate optimum time for element change. This will minimize pressure drop; have a large, easy to read gauge face; include dual faces that allow housings to be mounted in any flow direction which is mounted remotely; switch for remote indication available; and include a slide indicator that changes color when filter element requires replacement.


The SPX Flow Hankison Air Filtration HF Series features these element grades include: Grade 11 Impact Type Moisture Separator; Grade 9 Separator/ Filter; Grade 7 Air Line Filter; Grade 6 Desiccant Dust Removal After-filter; Grade 5 High Efficiency Oil Removal Filter; Grade 3 Maximum Efficiency Oil Removal Filter; and Grade 1 Oil Vapor Removal Filter.

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