SPX Flow Hankison Air Filtration NGF Series

The SPX Flow Hankison Air Filtration NGF Series employs technological advancements in filtration materials and design to ensure premium compressed air quality and low operational costs. The SPX Flow Hankison Air Filtration NGF Series filters are tested and rated delivering certifiable performance according to ISO 8573-1: 2010 air quality standards.

The SPX Flow Hankinson Air Filter NGF Series employees the Patented Venturi-Wave™ Element Design profile which promotes a turbulent-free transition for compressed air entering the element. Optimized flow distribution through the element minimizes pressure loss and reduces system operating cost. Unique backside contour assists smooth movement of air exiting the filter housing.

The SPX Flow Hankinson Air Filter NGF Series includes Die cast aluminum housings provide a cost-effective solution in the 1030 SCFM to 1500 SCFM (1750 to 2549 nm3/h) flow range; chromated housings, with a polyester epoxy powder coating for corrosion; resistance; Internally ribbed bowls facilitate condensate draining; and Audible alarm when attempting bowl removal under pressure. The Hankinson Air Filter NGF Series covers flow ranges 20 SCFM to 1500 SCFM (34 to 2549 nm3/h); Flanged inlet and outlet connections make installation easy; Thirteen flow models, with multiple port sizes, 1/4” to 3” NPT, allow for greater application flexibility; Sculpted housing designs, with large unrestricted flow paths; and reduces pressure drop.

Please contact CDA Systems, we will work with you and SPX Hankison to find the optimal solution for your compressed air filter plant demands.

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