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Air System Products Condensate-Drains Accu Drain FGA-020

Greek Paradise

CDA Systems is proud to work with Air System Products to bring you a variety of condensate drains to aid in draining excess moisture from your clean dry air system.  The SP Filtration Group Zero Loss Demand Drain, Electric Operated Condensate Drain, and SP Filtration Group Zero Loss Demand Drain Accu-Drain are fully automatic, zero loss drains. They have a translucent reservoir for visual assurance of operation.

Each of these drains have special features specific to the needs of our customers. The Air System Products SP Filtration Group Zero Loss Demand Drain Accu-Drain has zero air loss and is non-clogging. It also has a straight-through flow, posi valve guillotine style valve, vertical compact design, translucent reservoir, indicator lights and multiple sizes. This drain is energy efficient and passes rust and scale that would foul other solenoid valves – with no strainers to clean. It can be installed in a tight space and has an easy-to-see condensate level “quick check”. This drain can be sized for your specific needs.

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