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Air System Products Condensate-Drains Dehydra FGA-02

Greek Paradise

As your premium service provider, CDA Systems is proud to partner with Air Systems Products. This quality manufacturer has created a high-quality external pneumatic operated condensate drain. This drain has a fully automatic plug and play design, zero loss and requires no electricity. It has a translucent reservoir for visual assurance of operation. 

The External Pneumatic Operated Condensate Drain Dehydra model has many distinctive features that allow it to stand above the rest. It starts to work as condensate enters the drain through one of the two inlet connections. A non-metallic float is tethered to a float arm. As condensate is collected and the translucent reservoir fills, the float rises. When the condensate reaches a design level, the float lifts the trigger assembly and a drain cycle is initiated. The trigger assembly opens and directs control air to the valve actuator, which in turn opens the full-port drain valve. Condensate exits unit. As the condensate level drops, the trigger assembly closes and the valve actuator closes the drain valve. The drain is returned to a standby condition.

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