Air System Products Condensate-Drains EZ Drain FGA-023

CDA Systems has teamed with this reputable manufacturer to provide the EZ Drain model to our valued customers. This particular drain is easy to install and has no external power utility. It can be installed in a tight space with no strainers to clean. It also has an easy-to-see condensate level “quick check”. This ensures a positive action, preventing air loss. It can be used for aftercoolers, receivers, dryers, filters, or drip legs.

Air System Products has created an internal pneumatic operated condensate drain, EZ Drain model, that’s has a fully automatic plug and play design. It is a zero loss drain that requires no external power utility. Its translucent reservoir gives users a visual assurance of operation. 

The EZ Drain has a plug and play design, it’s fully pneumatic, and has a vertical compact design. This particular drain is non-clogging, has an isolated trigger assembly, full port ball valve, and is versatile for many applications. 

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