Air System Products Condensate-Drains Exactronic FGA 022

CDA Systems provides superior service and superior results. We have teamed with Air System Products to deliver high quality condensate drains to our valued customers. As part of its family of condensate drains, Air System Products has created the Air System Product Filtration Group Zero Loss Demand Drain Electric Operated Condensate Drain System Exactronic Drain System Model No. EDS-2BV. This drain combines the best of float type drains and timer operated ball valve drains. It also has a translucent reservoir that ensures it’s working properly. 

When condensate enters the drain through one of two inlet connections, it is collected and the translucent reservoir fills. A stainless-steel switch rises to indicate the filling process. When the condensate reaches a design level, the level switch sends a signal to the electric valve actuator which opens a full-port drain. Condensate then exits the unit. As the level switch drops, a signal is sent to the valve actuator to close the ball valve. The drain them returns to the collection mode. The experienced team from Air System Products and CDA Systems are committed to providing superior condensate drains and excellent customer service. 

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