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Air System Products Condensate Drains ROBO

Greek Paradise

CDA Systems delivers condensate drain solutions for our customers’ unique specifications. We work closely with Air System Products to deliver the External Pneumatic Operated Condensate Drain, Robo-Drain RD11. This drain is a fully automatic, zero loss drain that requires no electricity. It is ideas for oil/water separators. 

The Robo-Drain RD 11 Condensate Drain features a large 24 oz. capacity discharge, isolated trigger assembly, heavy duty industrial drain, a horizontal low profile, and translucent reservoir. It has a non-clogging, full port drain valve, is fully pneumatic, and has an automatic design.

This reliable drain is ideal for most compressor installation and has a reliable design, unaffected by contaminants. One unit will work for multiple compressed air systems. When our customers choose this model, they save valuable air and money. Additionally, it can fit in tight spots, can be mounted under equipment, and operates on demand. 

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