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Alpha Moisture Dew point Transmitters

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Alpha Moisture Systems has created a dew point transmitter that successfully incorporates advanced electronics, allowing for a power supply varying from 18 to 30V DC. They are configured to output a linear, isolated, 4-20mA signal for the chosen range.

The Model AMT dew point transmitter is a two wire 4-20mA loop powered dew-point transmitter, used for continuous measurement of humidity in a process gas or compressed air, which will output a linear 4-20mA signal corresponding to the dew point temperature. The Model AMT transmitter can also be factory configured to output a 4-20mA linear signal for any other moisture unit e.g. ppm(v), ppm(w), g/m3, lb/MMSCF etc.


The transmitter contains a long-lasting, ultra-high capacitance sensing element that offers excellent sensitivity, repeatability, and response speed. When delivered, each unit includes a Certificate of Calibration, traceable to International Humidity Standards, validating accuracy to ±2ºC dew point.


CDA Systems is proud to work with Alpha Moisture Systems to deliver this state-of-the-art dew point transmitter to you, our customer.

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