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Alpha Moisture Portable Analysers

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Portable moisture measurement is a convenient and highly accurate way to measure moisture content and dew point in gases and compressed air. Alpha Moisture Systems has created a range of portable hygrometers and dew point analyzers designed with the industrial user in mind.

CDA Systems has teamed with Alpha Moisture Systems to deliver the next generation of hand-held dew point meters – the SADPmini2. This new system includes the latest technology, functionality, and software for ease of speed and use. It quickly checks moisture in gases and features various dew point ranges. The SADPmini2 can provide repeatable, rapid spot checks of trace moisture content in most gases.


When you choose CDA Systems to deliver your portable moisture measurement equipment, you’re not only getting a premium product, you’re working with highly trained technicians who understand the products and can help with any questions or concerns that arise.

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