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Compressed Air Filtration

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During compressed air generation and distribution, contaminants are introduced to the air stream at various stages of the compressed air network. Compressed air filters, which come in various grades, remove these contaminants, as well as humidity and oil from the compressed air stream. This is a critical step as these can lead to a deterioration in quality, machine failure, and even loss of production and products.

The Beko CLEARPOINT® Energy Saving Compressed Air Filtration system is energy efficient by design. It has an ultra-low differential pressure across the range with advanced eco series pleated elements. It has a superior performance retention rate up to 99.999%, flow optimized housing, and a unique curved inlet design engineered for the lowest possible differential pressure. Beko considered the details in the design. The simple maintenance, push-fit element designs without tie-rods, and maximum reliability with double threaded filter head make the Beko CLEARPOINT® Energy Saving Compressed Air Filtration system reliable and easy to operate.


Beko CLEARPOINT® Energy Saving Compressed Air Filtration works with the compressed air inlet. The compressed air enters the inlet of the CLEARPOINT® filter housing, which have all been designed to complement the connections of the different compressor manufacturers, making port-matching easier during installation. CDA Systems has teamed with Beko Technologies to deliver this high-quality product and solution to our customers.

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