SPX Hankison Wall Mount Desiccant Air Dryers DHW Series

When you choose CDA Systems for your desiccant air dryers, you’re not only guaranteed superior customer service, you’re getting the highest quality products from SPX Hankison.


Hankison’s DHW Series Wall Mount Desiccant Air Dryers provide optimal system protection and will protect moisture sensitive applications requiring low pressure dew points. Critical applications include labs, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other high-tech installations, with flow rate offerings from 7 SCFM to 50 SCFM.


The SPX Flow Hankison DHW series dryers offer state-of-the-art technology including: consistent outlet pressure dew points; slow and minimum purge air usage saves energy; desiccant beds sized to prevent fluidization; heavy duty purge exhaust muffler for quiet operation; and non-lubricated, soft seated control valves that promote reliable operation. Choose CDA Systems and Hankison quality equipment to support your smaller desiccant dryer needs.

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