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Donaldson® P-FF, P-MF, and P-SMF Coalescing Depth Filter

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Our customers trust CDA Systems and Donaldson for all the filtration needs of their plants.


Donaldson has created Donaldson® P-FF, P-MF, and P-SMF coalescing depth filters for the removal of water, oil aerosols and solid particles from compressed air and gases with absolute retention efficiency.  These coalescing depth filters use a three-dimensional micro fiber fleece made from binder-free glass fiber.  A 1 µm pre-filter medium is integrated and allows for effective two-stage filtration. It utilizes various filtration mechanisms including impaction, sieving, and diffusion, liquid aerosols, and solid particles. Particles reduced to the size of 0.01 µm are being retained in the filter.


CDA Systems has the experience and knowledge needed to deliver and install these filters into your factory or business. The Donaldson® PE filter elements are ideal for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, food, beverage, general machine fabrication, and instrument and control air industries and applications. 

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