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Donaldson® PE, PEP, and P-PE Particle Filter Elements

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Donaldson and CDA Systems are committed to providing our customers with high-quality filtration products and exceptional service. We’ve teamed with Donaldson because we believe in their filtration solutions. Their products successfully remove solid contaminants in gases as a pre-filter or post-filter.

Donaldson® PE filter elements contain highly porous sintered polyethylene filter media. Even the finest dust particles and other contaminants in compressed air and gases are being removed effectively on the surface and in the depth of the filter medium. Surface loading allows users to regenerate the Donaldson® PE filter element and reduce operating cost through fewer element change-outs.


By utilizing various filtration mechanisms such as direct impaction and mechanical sieving, particles are retained with an absolute retention rate in gases. Chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, food, beverage, general machine fabrication, and instrument and control air industries and applications utilize the Donaldson® PE, PEP, and P-PE filter elements. 

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