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Improving Air Quality with Oil-Free Air 

It is common knowledge that most companies are constantly looking for ways of reducing operating costs. Adopting an oil-free air system is an easily implementable way of doing this while increasing the quality of air at the same time.


Understanding Air Quality

Before we can improve air quality, we need to understand the basics of it. This comes from knowing what we are dealing with and how to navigate the world of air quality.


The quality of compressed air is measured by the amount of contaminants—these being solid particulates, oil and water content—found in one cubic foot of compressed air. Many of these contaminants are introduced at the very beginning of the compression process from the air surrounding the installation site.


There are no strict rules governing air quality, but there is a minimum that needs to be reached or surpassed. Minimum air quality requirements vary by industry and application. The highest quality standards apply to companies whose end products, packaging or critical instrumentation come in direct contact with compressed air.


Factors that can Affect Air Quality

  • Moisture (In the form of humidity)

  • Air treatment products

  • Filtration system

  • Type of compressor used


Adopting an oil-free air system greatly reduces the risk of contamination that is posed by these factors.


Implementing an Oil-Free Air System  
With all the benefits that come from oil-free air as well as more stringent standards like ISO 8573-1:2010 being introduced, it’s no wonder so many plants and industries are heading down the oil-free air road.


Before you implement an oil-free system, a full plant-wide system evaluation should be done by a certified air audit team.

CDA Is Here to Help

Transitioning to an oil-free system in your company is not as expensive as you might think. The investment is justified by a decrease in maintenance costs and energy consumption and an increase in ROI, quality of air and uptime. KNW Kobelco is one of the manufacturers that we represent and can assist you with a quote.


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