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SPX Flow Hankison Membrane Compressed Air Dryers HMD SERIES

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CDA Systems works with SPX Flow Hankison, a leading global supplier of highly engineers flow components, process equipment, and turn-key systems, to supply our customers with superior membrane compressed air dryers.

CDA Systems and SPX Flow Hankison are dedicated to excellence. Compressed air users around the world have relied on CDA Systems and SPX Flow Hankison to provide innovative compressed air treatment solutions for critical applications. We maintain a long-standing reputation for manufacturing products that deliver superior performance, time proven reliability and optimal energy savings. CDA Systems, together with SPX Flow Hankison are the preferred choice for providing clean, dry compressed air for the most challenging industries.


SPX Flow Hankison HMD Series Membrane Dryers are designed for Dew point temperatures from -40 degrees F or below to plus 50 degrees F. SPX Flow Hankison HMD Series Membrane Dryers are lightweight can be installed in air lines with-out additional support. SPX Flow Hankison HMD Series Membrane Dryers operates in any orientation making it easy to incorporate into existing equipment. This series of membrane dryers operates in a wide variety of environments - high and low temperatures, corrosive and explosive atmospheres, indoors or out. SPX Flow Hankison HMD Series Membrane Dryers housings are made of ABS polymer and aluminum; stainless steel housings are optional. SPX Flow Hankison HMD Series Membrane Dryers water is removed as a vapor - no liquid condensate to dispose of. The options additional options include: For normal applications -a Hankison HF Series Grade 5 high efficiency oil removal filter and for highly contaminated systems or applications where the highest level of air purity is required -a Hankison HF Series Grade 7 airline filter and a Grade 3 ultrahigh efficiency oil removal filter.

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