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Air System Products OWS AccuSep FGA-030

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CDA Systems delivers key components for your air filter systems. We team with Air System Products to bring our customer the Accu-Sep Oil/Water Separators. These products are designed for cleaner condensate discharge. They include multi-stage separations for real-world, 24-hour continuous operation. These separators require no electricity and are sized and designed to operate year-round in most ambient conditions.


There are many benefits to the Accu-Sep Oil/Water Separators. These include easy maintenance, no moving parts, and easy entry to the pre-adsorption chamber and the carbon media. The Accu-Sep Oil/Water Separators can be easily monitored and include a visual alert that service is required. They are constructed of all non-corrosive materials and the diffuser has multiple inlets so the entire assembly can be rotated. 

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