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Air System Products OWS AccuZorb FGA-031

Workout on the Beach

CDA Systems has teamed with Air System Products to deliver the ACCU-ZORB to our customers. This state-of-the-art product utilizes multi-stage separation technology and removes lubricating oils from condensate streams. In the first stage, the sediment chamber collects and helps prevent rust, dirt, and scale from migrating into the main reservoir. The second stage occurs in the large main reservoir. This reservoir provides sufficient residence time to allow oil to coagulate and float to the surface. The pre-adsorption chamber removes the segment of oils that are still in the solution or have migrated through to this chamber. In the last stage, the propriety media ensures that the condensate will meet or exceed the discharge limits.

Air System Products has created an oil/water separator that guarantees cleaner condensate discharge. The ACCU-ZORB is designed to simultaneously process different types of oil with the use of propriety media. It is capable of 24-hour continuous operation, requires no electricity and has no moving parts. The Accu-Zorb oil/water separator also meets the clean water act and is easily maintained with low maintenance costs. 

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