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Air System Products OWS PosiZorb FGA-045

Workout on the Beach

The Air System Products Posi-Zorb is designed specifically to ensure uninterrupted service and to extend the life of the filter module. It is easily maintained, runs clog-free, has uninterrupted and dependable service, and requires no messy disposable bags when it needs replacement. CDA Systems works with Air System Products to offer our customers three sizes of these self-contained filter modules. 

Air System Products has an extensive line of oil/water separators perfect for all types of factory and warehouse environments. The Air System Posi-Zorb Oil/Water Separator is designed to handle system-upset condition in a variety of oils. It is capable of 24-hour continuous operation and requires no electricity. It is a proprietary media filter constructed of all non-corrosive materials. The Posi-Zorb has a non-clogging filter design with only two moving parts and self-contained filter modules.

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