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3 Modern Features for Your Air Compressor That You Should Consider

In the past, air compressors were controlled by a variety of switches and gauges. Understanding all of these buttons and systems could become complicated, making it more challenging to run your compressor efficiently.

Luckily modern technology has introduced three new innovations to help you improve your compressor settings and results. We’ve gathered some info about these advances so that you can decide if your air compressor needs an update.

Auto Start Feature

Starting your compressor manually can be tedious while timed circuits can lead to compressors loading unnecessarily and energy wastage. With an auto start feature, you can control your starts based on how much compressed air you need. As a result, you can reduce compressor starts and save energy.

You can find the right auto control for your needs by requesting information from various manufacturers. There are different types of auto starts that can be tailored to:

  • Start a certain number of times a day

  • Stop and start when need throughout an hour

  • Match your preferred compressor cycle and repeat it

  • Create successive starts so you can limit them to a time span

Smart Storage

In order for your controlled starts to succeed in producing the required compressed air and reducing energy costs, you need to have an efficient storage system. Compressor cycles need to be set based on how much your storage system can handle. If you don’t have enough storage space, excessive starts will only lead to wastage.

You can avoid this by using a smart storage system. This involves using a filter between the compressor and storage receiver that detects debris caused by the storage being filled.

By linking it to the starts, you can reduce starts when the filter detects that storage is reaching capacity. Vice versa, you can increase starts when the filter notes that the storage is empty.

Tighter Pressure Band

Tightening your pressure band is a necessity because the decrease in pressure will lower your energy consumption. A tighter pressure band also has the following advantages:

  • Helps you regulate air flow more easily

  • Saves money because of lower energy consumption

  • Allows you to plan starts more effectively

On the other hand, a wider pressure band will save energy if the machine is running unloaded for extended periods of time. This is why paying attention to your pressure band and using pressure systems to control it can be more beneficial.

Where Can You Find the Best Updated Air Compressors?

All of these modern advances allow you to take full control of your air compressor settings. At CDA, you can find the best air compressors that have all the bells and whistles attached. On top of this, our machines are built with a high standard and are affordable. If you want to find out more, you can contact us on: 925.667.3400/

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