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  • Peg Minichiello

3 Simple Tips To Help You Save On Air Compressor Costs

As we all know, running an air compressor can be expensive. You probably also know that the benefits of using air compressors far outweigh the cost.

Just because you know the cost is worth it, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be aware of ways we can reduce the costs associated with air compressors. Surely, as business-minded people you should leap at any opportunity to lower costs in both money and energy wherever & however you can?

Today we’ll provide you with you tips you can use to reduce the costs associated with your air compressor.

Reducing Air Compressor Costs

The tips that we’re providing in this specific post are geared toward air compressor owners that meet certain criteria. These tips apply to you if:

- Your facility uses more than one air compressor, one of which is partially loaded.

- Multiple air leaks have been identified by audits or site surveys.

- You use your compressed air to dry, cool, stir, agitate or position any parts or equipment.

- The supply valves are left open on equipment when it’s not in use.

- The compressed air system pressure is running higher than what’s required for the equipment in your facility.

- The electric load of the compressed air system doesn’t follow changes in plant production.

- You’re searching for information to increase your knowledge of air compressor efficiency.

Now for the tips.

Identify and Repair Air Leaks

Air leaks are commonly found in air compressor environments. Regular and frequent inspections for air leaks must be conducted. Air leaks need to be identified and repaired as & when necessary on a continual basis, rather than only once every few months.

Close Supply Valves

Closing the supply valves of air compressors when not being used will help decrease the compressed air load. Often when supply valves have auto shut off features the plant’s able to run with fewer compressors.

Control Your Flow

In many cases plants run at a pressure higher than what’s required for a majority of the equipment. This is usually because a specific piece of equipment requires a higher pressure to run or the distribution lines restrict flow to sections located further away from the compressor. By identifying areas where this problem occurs, using air amplifiers or installing additional air receiver tanks this problem is overcome.

Try These Tips

We hope that you find these tips helpful. If you’d like any additional information or some expert advice CDA Systems is here to help. Feel free to reach out to us on 925.667.3400 or at

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