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  • Peg Minichiello

4 Examples Of The Inappropriate Usage Of Compressed Air

We’re sure all plant managers know how expensive a compressed air system can be. However, what many plant managers aren’t aware of is how much they can save by not appropriately using the compressed air that is produced.

A large contributing factor to this is that you may simply not be aware of what these inappropriate uses are. We’re going to share four simple examples of the inappropriate usage of compressed air in the hopes of creating a deeper level of understanding.

What is Classed as Inappropriate Use of Compressed Air?

Essentially an inappropriate use of compressed air is when this air is being used, but there’s a much more efficient option. Monitor if these habits or methods are limiting what your compressed air can do for you and how much you can save.

Cleaning/Blow Offs

Don’t use compressed air to blow water or dirt away from manufactured parts. Rather use a broom for areas like floors or a brush for things like clothes or workbenches.

Cooling Down Workers

Many workers used compressed air as a way to cool themselves down, especially in the warmer seasons. Insist that workers use fans or air conditioners to cool down instead. Not only is this an inappropriate use of compressed air but it can be dangerous to the workers’ health.

Moving Parts

Instead of using compressed air to move parts use a medium to high pressure blower, electric actuator or hydraulics.

Unused Equipment

You might be surprised to hear that in many plants compressed air is still being sent to equipment that is not even in use. This often happens when system audits are not regularly performed. You can install stop valves but it’s recommended to rather remove redundant equipment entirely.

You’re Not Alone

If you’re still not sure whether you’re using your compressed air appropriately, let us know and we will help you find the ideal, cost saving solution.

CDA Systems offers the evaluation of existing plant air systems. As one of our services we can gauge the need for preventative maintenance or inefficiency and energy reduction retrofits. 925.667.3400 /

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