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5 Important Facts About ISO 8573-7 You Must Know

For the benefit of your employees there are stringent rules in place for anyone whose operations include compressed air. Compiled by the International Organization for Standardization the ISO 8573 tells you exactly what’s required in terms of the quality of the air.

But are you sure what’s expected of you?

We break down a few of the facts that will help you understand these guidelines better. Perhaps you can identify areas where you need to improve to protect your reputation, benefit your workers AND increase productivity.

ISO 8573-7 Works for All Industries

Don’t assume you don’t need this document in your office. The ISO 8573-7 was created to be applicable to all industries. If you have a compressed air microbial monitoring plan, you need these guidelines.

You’re Underestimating Compressed Air’s Value

If you think this is an unnecessary burden placed on you, think again. Quality compressed air ensures employees of healthy working environments. This will improve their work satisfaction as they’ll feel safe on your premises.

Quality air can also benefit how well your plant operates, so keeping to air standards is a win-win situation.

You Need to Monitor Quality Often

No, you don’t have to put air monitoring on your daily to do list, but regular checks are necessary. You need records of air quality over time to determine whether you have problems. Biannually is the absolute minimum, but quarterly checks are also acceptable.

ISO 8573-7 Has 9 Parts

The standards may not be simple to grasp. It takes nine different parts to cover all aspects of purity, procedures and specs you need to keep in mind.

You Need the Latest ISO 8573-7 Version

The document has been revised multiple times and if you’re still working with an old version you may not be on par with all requirements. Make sure you have the 2003 version to prevent misunderstandings.


Aligning with international standards can be daunting. So, let the experts help you manage the important—sometimes complicated—role ISO 8573-7 plays in your plant. Our experts can give advice, upgrade systems when necessary and provide you with the equipment you need to adhere to the required standards.

Call us for a site visit or quote today: 925.667.3400 or at

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