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  • Peg Minichiello

5 Ways to Save Costs Using Blower Dryers

Don’t we all get a little excited when we hear about saving? Anything that can save you time, money or energy is worth paying close attention to it. We live in economically challenging times, so who can blame us if we get all stirred up thinking of ways to save?

Energy costs in the air compressor industry constitute not only financial cost but also non-financial cost. The environmental impact of emissions released during production is one example of non- financial costs. Others could be opportunity costs lost or consumption costs.

It all boils down to costs. How to keep it down. How to balance costs associated with input without compromising on quality output. Keeping costs under control can indeed be a tough balancing act but there are smarter options to curb expenses.

One such option could be for you to consider using heated blower dryers at your site instead of the desiccant dryers that are commonplace.

Saving Energy Costs

Using desiccant dryers requires considerable energy to attain the required dew point. A more inexpensive substitute is heated blower dryers that use less energy.

Saving Time

Desiccant dryers consume most of the compressed air produced for the production of the air compressor and run in longer cycles. It takes considerable time to regenerate the desiccant bed between the two towers whereas heated blower dryers take less time and consume less air.

Money Saver

Running heated dryers at your plant is more economical then using desiccant dryers. The complex design of desiccant dryers and limited functionality makes it equally unpopular with auditors. There’s simply too much that can go wrong with desiccant dryers.

Limited Capital Expenses

The initial capital outlay of traditional desiccant dryers are substantial. The upkeep of these dryers are also costly. Heated dryers are more compact and fitted with modern technology that makes maintenance less expensive & the initial investment minimal.

No High Maintenance

Any good site manager will tell you the importance of keeping a regular maintenance schedule. Keeping your machinery well serviced is always beneficial. Desiccant dryers are considered old fashioned and replacing worn out components can be challenging.

It’s Time to Switch

Let’s help you cash in on the savings. Call us today for more information. CDA Systems’ expertise in clean dry air will assure the proper solution for your process. Contact us today for a quote on 925.667.3400/

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