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6 Common Problems Associated With Compressed Air Systems

Industries that utilize compressed air know all too well the importance of a well-functioning compressor. Any problems regarding the operation of these systems can negatively affect production. This will unfortunately affect a company’s bottom line.

While there are measures you can put in place to rectify such undesirable situations, it’s important to know what exactly you’re dealing with. In this article we’ll highlight the most common challenges associated with compressed air that your operators must always look out for.

Common Problems of Compressed Air Systems:


It’s impossible for air compressors to function effectively in wet environments. It’s important to keep areas where your compressors are located free from any kind of moisture to prevent problems.

Too Many Compressors

While you may want to place many air compressors to increase productivity, this may unfortunately have adverse effects. Having too many air compressors running can cause havoc. This is why it’s important to use a minimum number of compressors so as to stabilize the air pressure for optimum performance.

Untrained Staff

Compressed air systems are highly complex. This means only trained and skilled staff who are knowledgeable about these systems must operate them. Organizations must invest in intensive training of compressed air systems operators in the following areas:

  • Supply and demand of compressed air

  • Energy uses

  • Ability to identify leaks in the system

  • Operators must be able to cover these leaks when identified


Leaks are among the leading causes of faulty compressed air systems. Unfortunately, the development of these leaks is inevitable. The only thing an organization can do is to ensure that their staff are able to conduct ongoing leak repairs.

Using Outdated Equipment

Technology is constantly evolving, and compressed air systems aren’t exempted. Continuing to use outdated systems is the worst thing an organization can do in a bid to cut costs.

Using outdated systems will result in inefficient operation which will cost the company in the long run when repairs are needed. Either that or the organization won’t be performing to its fullest capacity.

Not Calling the Experts

Many organizations rely on their internal staff regarding the operation and maintenance of their compressed air systems. But it’s highly recommended that you call in professionals to constantly monitor your systems as they can pick up potential problems before they occur.

Let’s Get You Sorted

You no longer have to struggle with the performance of your compressed air systems. All you need to do is call us on 925.667.3400/ We’ll come and conduct an evaluation of existing plant air systems to assess the need for preventative maintenance, inefficiency and energy reduction retrofits.

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