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Air Quality Testing: A Must in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Given the delicate nature of processes that happen in pharmaceutical industries, the quality of air present is crucial. Drugs and other devices meant to save and improve the quality of people’s lives are manufactured on a daily basis.

So why are there no industry regulations governing the air quality in various companies in the pharmaceutical industry?

The FDA is aware that there are issues regarding lack of air quality regulations in these industries. But still no laws have been passed to regularize this issue. Could this be a case where companies must view it as a free pass and get away with operating in sub-standard air quality environments?

The Solution

The pharmaceutical industry falls under the health industry—more or less. This means officials and employees in these industries have knowingly—or unknowingly—taken an oath to safeguard human lives. As such it’s the company’s sole responsibility to ensure they take the necessary measures to provide the best possible product in the right environment—regulations or not.

Fortunately many companies acknowledge this and continuously conduct air quality testing procedures. As the name suggests, these tests are designed to ensure the atmosphere is free from harmful pollutants that may interfere with the quality of the final product or service.

Air Testing Prerequisites

Remember that this isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. The testing procedure you use may differ from the next company. You must perform the procedures that best suit your organization. But regardless of the type you pick, the testing program must at least adhere to the following criteria:

- It must be specific to your site

- Provide the appropriate verification and results needed to determine air quality

- Match the air quality used in your facility

Need More Information?

For a well-executed job, you need to engage the services of a professional. The right engineers will help assess and test the right air quality tests best suited for your company. Also, they’ll conduct tests that ensure maximum operational efficiency and safety in your organization.

CDA systems are the contractors to pick. Our experience in the industry will provide you with accurate and effective testing programs specific to your facility. Get in touch with us today on 925.667.3400/

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