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  • Peg Minichiello

Blower Dryers—A Viable Alternative

Different plants require different systems to perform optimally, more so in the compressed air environment. Whether you’re operating a chemical plant, paper plant or processing plant selecting the right dryer for your air compressors is vital.

Let’s look at a case study to expand on the benefits and drawbacks of using a blower dryer in a processing plant.

Case Study—A Processing Plant

Switching from an established system to a completely new system can be daunting. Most people find sudden changes challenging. Introducing incremental changes makes it easier to manage fears and confusion.

If only everyone adopted this approach, right? In the following scenario, we will see what happened when a new system was introduced haphazardly.

Case in Point—The Good

This processing plant decided to implement instant changes in its air compressor system. Having used refrigerator type dryers for years, staff were suddenly introduced to blower dryers in the plant. The training provided was limited due to the rush to get the new system working.

Management cited the following reasons for the change:

  • Operational costs were increasing monthly

  • The effectiveness of the refrigerator dryers became questionable

  • The pressure was being forfeited in the system

  • The established dryers had to work at double capacity to maintain a stable output

Case in Point—The Bad

Initially, the blower dryer performed exceptionally well, consuming less energy while maintaining a stable pressure in the plant.

That didn’t last long, unfortunately. Staff quickly stumbled upon some problems in the system. The blower dryer was exposed to extremely cold temperatures by mistake. It caused the exhaust pipe to freeze over and affect the air released. It also affected the ability of the blower dryer to reach the usual dew points.

All of this caused unavoidable downtime in operations which resulted in more financial losses.

The Take-Aways

After doing a full investigation, the auditors highlighted these to be the main take-aways from the incident:

  • When replacing established equipment, ensure there is a backup plan for all eventualities

  • Introduce gradual changes and cover any blind spots in the system

  • Sufficient training of staff should be prioritized if new systems are introduced

Are You Ready For Change?

As your business needs evolve so should your equipment. Change is inevitable. Contact us today for a site inspection and we’ll help you make the required changes at your plant. Our team of experts is waiting for your call: 925.667.3400/

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