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CAB Series—Find a Solution for Every Situation

Preparing for all eventualities in a plant or factory requires some insight. Luckily some brands do the thinking for you so you can simply install the solutions.

With its CAB Series, SPX Flow made it that much easier to ready your site for possible contamination problems.

SPX Flow—A Respected Supplier

CDA Systems has been proud to represent the SPX Flow equipment as part of our product list. This brand has given practical solutions for all customers, thanks to its expertise in the field of managing contamination.

Why the CAB Series Works

Find What You Need

The CAB Series is so popular because it offers you so many options and has applications in many different scenarios:

You’ll find products that work for flows anything from 1,200 to 13,000 scfm.Pressure from 60psig to 150psig-40°F to -100°F pressure dew points are catered for

Superior Design

The brand incorporates a range of features into its products that not only make them work

effectively but makes them work longer than many other options on today’s market:

Desiccant life is extended thanks to coalescing filters as well as downflow dryingDownstream equipment is protected continuously because of particulate filtersPurging doesn’t cost you any process gas because the regeneration uses ambient air

You can see that the components used in this device will keep on working for longer than many other brands in the industry can promise.

Because of efficacy and longevity, you get better value for your money. As a bonus, the brand’s AMLOC system helps you save energy on a daily basis.

Why Join Our CDA Systems Clientele List?

Do you want fewer problems and more success? That’s what SPX Flow products can give you. That’s why the CDA Systems team is proud of showcasing these products.

Thanks to our expertise in the preventative maintenance industry, we’ll help you put the CAB

Series to good use.

What exactly does your business need? We’ll help you spec your requirements during a site visit. Book a time by contacting us on 925.667.3400 or email

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