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CHA Series—Proof that Dryers can Effortless & Effective

You no longer have to be content with just the minimum. Thanks to advanced technology and innovative design almost any of your factory and plant challenges can be addressed.

All you need to do is a partner with the right supplier.

CDA Systems proudly distributes SPX Flow’s CHA Series of dryers. This range of desiccant dryers is taking the market by storm.

Is this what you need?

The CHA Series

In the CHA Series (as well as the brand’s other impressive range, the DHA Series) you get a high-quality method of compressed air drying. SPX Flow incorporates its unique AMLOC (Automated Moisture Load Control) in the design which brings you energy saving features.

The Benefits of the CHA Series Dryers

A primary motivation behind the CHA Series design is providing users with an effortless alternative when it comes to handling air drying and fighting contamination. Where most pieces of equipment require hours of maintenance and effort, this is a dryer you’ll install & basically forget about.

And it will effectively handle its tasks throughout.

Quality Design

In part, the low maintenance is because the unit doesn’t wear out as easily as others.

Reasons include:

5-year warranties on switching valves. This means very little time spent on calibration.Regeneration cycles are managed exceptionally well since it can identify an aging (or fouled) bed.The stainless-steel internals and PTFE coated cylinders are corrosion resistant.The brand uses PTFE coating on all wear surfaces. This makes for friction free


Keeping it Simple

Apart from it lasting long, it’s effortless to use thanks to an easy to understand LCD screen. You can even tap into data via ethernet or internet, so you can monitor without ever visiting the dryer’s location.

How to Order Yours

Our team makes it easy for anyone to incorporate one of these dryers in their infrastructures. More importantly, we help you pick the right size and features, suitable for your plant. Simply book a survey or ask for a quote. Let’s solve your challenges effortlessly: 925.667.3400/

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