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Donaldson Air & Gas Filtration

You could be facing challenges at your plant for no reason—the market is filled with practical solutions, incorporating modern technology that you may just not be aware of.

In the battle to overcome air and gas filtration challenges, Donaldson Filtration Solutions is one of the market leaders. The brand offers a wide range which CDA Systems is proud to add to its product list. We’re focused on helping our clients’ plants become more efficient and this brand offers dynamic solutions.

Are one of the following products what you’ve been looking for lately?

The Donaldson Air and Gas Filtration Range

As Donaldson has been active since 1915, this is a reputable brand to trust. They know the industry well and provide solutions all over the globe.

They also keep reinventing themselves to stay up to date with modern companies’ needs and using new technology to meet those requirements. That results in these options.

Gas Steam Filter Housings

This product is available in 18 different sizes, handling capacities between 35 SCFM and 12,700 SCFM. This proves a customized option is available for almost any plant.

Once installed you’ll enjoy purified air, technical gasses, and even steam. The system is designed to allow additional accessories so it can suit your specific plant requirements.

Coalescing Depth Filter

You get a mix of functions in one machine:

ImpactionSievingDiffusionAerosols (liquid)Solid Particles

This effective system deals with removing solid particles as efficiently as it handles water and oil removal.

Particle Filter Elements

When you need to remove solid contaminants, this range of pre and post filters is ideal to treat gas on your plant. High efficacy is thanks to the very porous filter media.

Sanitary Filter Housings

The brand’s stainless steel housings are ideal for sanitary applications. One of the impressive features is Donaldson’s Tri-Clamp connection features. The result of quality components is that you can have high flow rates while yielding low differential pressures.

Book a Visit—Get Your Solution

Do you know what you need yet? We can help you determine the best way forward after a quick plant visit. Book one at 925.667.3400 or sales@cdasystems.comor simply request a quote from our knowledgeable team—We’re focused on ensuring our products meet your


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