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Donaldson—More than 100 Years of Air Cleaning Success

Which of the following will your business or plant benefit from in terms of air cleaning?

Lower pressure dropFilter longevityEasier element change-outsBeing more accurate in foreseeing maintenance

If you say yes to any or all of them, CDA Systems can help solve your challenges thanks to our partnership with Donaldson Filtration Solutions.

Here’s why we respect them in the filtration industry.

Donaldson History: Success from the Start

Donaldson is such a respected brand because it addresses a problem many factories, plants, and business have: the need to clean air. The value of meeting clients’ exact needs was the foundation of the company: Frank Donaldson Sr. started the business after helping a farmer protect a tractor engine in 1915. The solution was designing a unique air cleaner for the vehicle.

Pretty soon the company flourished and today it boasts 1,800 patents and it’s active in over 40 countries.

What are Your Donaldson Options?

The brand expanded considerably from simply making air cleaners. Today CDA Systems can provide you with:

Gas steam filter housingsCoalescing depth filtersParticle filter elementsSanitary filter housings

Vast Range Makes for Customized Solutions

Fly by night brands can result in skepticism in this industry, but that’s unnecessary when you consider Donaldson products. This is proven by them offering you so many options, so you can obtain a customized solution:

Different sized housingsCapacities range from 35scfm to over 12,000scfmUnits are practical for many industries including pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical plants

Their 100 years in the business ensure each product is backed by expertise and a focus on quality components. They built a positive reputation for delivering quality products and they live up to it.

What do You Need Today?

No plant should ignore this industry as you need to manage the concentration of contaminants. This is essential if air or gas compression features on your site.

As a preferred and experienced supplier of Donaldson products, we’re experts at helping you discover which of their many solutions will suit you best. A simple plant visit is the best start, or simply contact us for a quote: 925.667.3400 or

Let’s get started.

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