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Filter Drains Why They Work So Well

There is a variety of drain filtrations used in the air compression systems of today. Selecting the correct one for your system can be simple if you know what you’re looking for. The effectiveness of drains in filter units are undeniable but some draining processes are more sophisticated than others.

It would be wise to consult experts when selecting the correct draining apparatus for your air compression system to avoid it being incompatible and ineffective.

What Are The Different Types of Drains For Filters?

The different types of drains used in filter units are:

  • Manual: As the name states this is a manual process that requires human intervention. The excess waste is released by manually turning the drain plug to let out the waste. This process must be scheduled correctly for different shifts.

  • Semi-automatic/normally open: Due to its semi-automatic function, it can open automatically when the compressed air is closed.

  • Fully automatic/normally open: This drain has the ability to open when a certain level is reached in the basin. It also opens when the air compression is cut off.

  • Fully automatic/normally closed: Instead of waiting for the compression air to switch off, the filters open when the compressed air is turned on. It can also turn on when a certain level is reached in the basin.

  • Electric drains: This is a more sophisticated drain that can be operated remotely with an electric indicator. You can open and close it using a remote.

Maintenance Is Key

As with most valuable possessions in life, looking after them is important. The same applies to your air filters. Regulating satisfactory air levels that are free of pollutants and harmful substances increases productivity & saves idle time. The foresight of careful maintenance is ensuring your filters are changed regularly.

How regular depends on the type of filters you use and the frequency of operating your machinery. It’s also dependent on the quality of the air supply in your system and the total hours spent in service. The main objective should be to set a standard schedule where maintenance takes place every quarter or six months at a minimum.

Contact Us

Selecting the correct drain or filter treatment should not be a difficult task. CDA Systems’ expertise in clean dry air will assure the proper solution for your process. Contact us today for advice, a site visit or a quote on 925.667.3400/

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