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Four Factors to Consider When Overhauling Your Compressor

Overhauling your air compressor can be a stressful time for everyone on your plant. By planning in advance, you can reduce stress and keep your factory running at its optimum levels. But where do you begin planning for maintenance issues? We’ve made it as simple as possible by summarizing your plan in four easy steps.

Test Your Overhauled Compressor

Testing your overhauled compressor is a necessity to ensure that it passes factory standards and meets quality requirements. By testing your machine, you can check if it upholds its original mechanical integrity and that it will work efficiently.

It’s also important to minimize any issues you might face while the machine is in use. You need to check if your machine has the correct pressure and no oil, water or air leaks.

Consider the Price

Although considering the most affordable option is necessary, it’s important to consider quality as well. Overhauling your machine at the original manufacturer will guarantee better quality than rebuilding your compressor on your own facilities. On the other hand, manufacturers may add additional costs based on issues that are discovered during the inspection phase.

You can prevent this by requesting cost details upfront. By having a fixed quote you’ll be able to budget and there’ll be no unforeseen expenses.

Have a Contingency Plan

Having a contingency plan in place will help to prevent any issues that may occur in the future. By doing a thorough risk assessment, you can foresee any financial risks. It also lets you plan for how efficiently your plant will function without an air compressor.

Always know in advance when you plan to send your compressor in for maintenance. Also, make sure that your employees know their roles while overhauling is taking place.

Furthermore, by planning in advance, you can ensure the process is completed quickly and efficiently.  CDA Systems can supply a complete rental/replacement system during any major service on your equipment.

Only Use Quality Parts

When rebuilding your machine or sending it to a new rebuilder, you must do your research. If you’re using non OEM parts, you must make sure that they’re of the best quality. You should use OEM certified parts whenever possible to maintain the quality of your machine.

How well your compressor performs will depend on what parts it’s rebuilt with. For this reason, you should check with your rebuilder which parts are being replaced and how decent the parts are. Once your rebuild is complete, you want your machine to match its original manufacturer quality.

How Can You Guarantee Quality?

At CDA we’ll cover all the bases when it comes to overhauling your air compressor. For an affordable price, we’ll cover all of your maintenance issues using top quality parts and workmanship. We’ll even rent you air compressors so that your plans can function normally during the rebuild process. For more information, you can contact us on: 925.667.3400/

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