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How to Incorporate ISO 8573-7 on Your Premises: 3 Helpful Tips

Do you sometimes wish you have an expert on hand to help you with the daunting aspects of managing a plant; such as making sure you keep to international standards?

If that’s how you feel about ISO 8573-7, read on. We share a few helpful tips that can make it a little easier to get your plant on par. Or at least realize where you need help so you can ask the CDA Systems team for the help you need.

Not All Measuring Equipment Aligns With ISO 8573-7 Standards

Firstly, you may need to rethink the equipment you’re using. Portable equipment such as the SAS Pinocchio Super II is popular. But an in depth study of any machine’s manual is vital. Some can provide you with qualitative binary readings, but that’s not what ISO 8573-7 requires. You need equipment that gives you total plate counts.

Make sure the measurements given align with the ISO 8573-7 mandate.

You Need 2 Controls

When you start testing, ISO 8573-7 requires uncontaminated control samples:

- Blinds: Blinds are your control plates. You’ll take one before and one after the air sample. Their purpose is to prove that no external variables affected the outcome by entering the air sampler. You take the blinds the way you’ll take your air sample, but with no air entering the funnel head.

- Sterility blank: A petri dish that traces the entire length of the area unopened. It will show no growth.

A Lab Can’t Fail or Pass Your Facility

You can find assistance from accreditation forums to help understand the specs, test outcomes and ISO 8573-7 requirements. Chances are that your samples will be tested by a laboratory. Because your readings should fall inside your own monitoring plan guidelines, not a general standard, the facility itself determines whether you fail or pass, not the laboratory you use.


As market leaders our experts are experienced in helping clients get up to standard with anything related to compressed air. We can help you too: simply book a site visit or request a quote: 925.667.3400/

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