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How to Tell if There’s an Issue With Your Heated Blower-Purge Style Compressed Air Dryer

Dry air is an integral part in many chemical processes. Moisture present in air can negatively affect the final product at your chemical plants. A heated blower-purge style air dryer is the answer to your problem. This powerful unit is designed to remove the unwanted moisture present in the atmosphere.

But unfortunately this process doesn’t always go as smoothly as expected. Certain factors may result in the dryer producing a higher demand of heat than is necessary. Unfortunately this causes the pressure in the plant air system to drop drastically. Needless to say this is an undesirable situation which results in the dryer operating below capacity.

Common Issues Affecting Heated Blower Air Dryers

The problem usually starts right after the final blower cycle. And with most units, this happens approximately every four hours while the unit is in operation. What exactly happens?

Each time the cooling cycle starts, the main compressors go into full overload. This leads to a significant drop in the plant air system. As a result the reciprocating compressor starts operating solely to support the dryer purge but with periods of unloaded runtime. No dry air is produced during these periods even though the machine is running.

How the Machine is Supposed to Work

Generally a well functioning air dryer operates as follows:

As mentioned earlier these heaters work on four hour cyclesIt features two towers; one tower dries while the other regenerates the airThe regenerated air is directed first through electric heaters and then through the machineWhen the heating cycle is complete, the heaters switch off and the air is allowed to cool down for approximately 15 minutes

Where the Problem Begins

Unfortunately 15 minutes isn’t enough to cool the machine. And if the machine isn’t cooled to the appropriate temperature, a dew point spike will develop.

How We Can Help

An alternative cooling method is required. And in most cases you’ll need to make improvements to the system to extend the cooling period. CDA systems will sort this problem out for you and get your dryer functioning at its optimum level again. For your solution, contact us on 925.667.3400/

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