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Purge can Continue when Compressor is Off

The purge can still be fed from other compressors in the system, even if one compressor switches off. This happens when the dryer has a fixed cycle operation and if there’s no dew point control. This can waste compressed air and lower efficiency. CDA System carries Commercial General Liability Policy and Umbrella Policy totaling $7M. Protecting you while we are on site.

Purge Flows May Change

Many scenarios can adjust the calibration of the gauge in your system. It’s important to schedule regular checks and manual purge flow adjustments.

Purge is Affected by Pressure

When your dryer incorporates a fixed orifice and you have such high pressure, your dryer can consume more than the rated purge.

Always Check Valves – and Check Again

Don’t assume that everything is running 100%. When check valves are located downstream from where purge flow gets redirected you may have compressor control problems.

Get Up to Date on Dew-point Controls

You can counter dew-point control problems by placing moisture probes in the towers. These detect moisture levels to ensure there’s desiccant left to assist during regeneration.

Is There Really Something Like Purge less?

A heated blower style dryer has the benefit of being purge less and regenerating with the help of heated air instead of compressed air. But note that the desiccant will heat up and will first have to cool down before it can dry air.

The Effects of Temperature and Flow

Look for unique designs in air dryers to help you manage the situation of moisture content that will decrease for every 20°F the temperature drops.


Our team of experts are already knowledgeable in the field of industrial dryer parts and dryer service. Let’s help you: learn from our pros. The CDA Systems’ team will do an onsite visit and help you optimize your system setup. If you need any changes we have the equipment and technicians to get it done. If you simply need advice – we’re the ones to call.

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