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If you’re trying to get ahead in business, the key often lies with the equipment you have on site. Whether you’re a small business, established or just starting out or you’re the market leader for a large region you want to be known for your efficiency.

If an air compressor system is critical in your process, we hope you have KOBELCO products already installed. If not, you simply need to talk to the CDA Systems team and we’ll hook you up (literally and figuratively speaking).

But why put KOBELCO on our product list? Here’s why we partnered with them and why you should too.

The KOBELCO KNW Series Legacy

There’s a reason why this high-quality brand can claim to be a world leader. The Rogers Machine Company—the manufacturer of the KOBELCO KNW Series compressors—has been impacting the industry since 1949.

When you’re using a KNW Series compressor, you’re working with world standard products.

What Sets KOBELCO Apart?

The reasons they’re still popular after almost 70 years are vast, but certain ones greatly impress:

  • Only premium quality components are used

  • Air will be 100% oil free

  • Custom built units are available

  • The compressors have two stage heavy duty compression modules

Having a trustworthy compressor means you can focus on other aspects of your business.

That’s how the right equipment is vital for a business owner’s future success.

Get Exactly What You Need

One of CDA System’s favorite reasons for sharing this brand’s products with customers is the freedom of choice. With a customized setup you’ll get more ROI.

Options include:

Air or water cooled

Fixed speed or VFD (Variable frequency drive)

And if you’re not sure what you need, CDA Systems will help you determine your requirements.

CDA Systems only stocks the best and our partnership with KOBELCOand its KNW Series proves it. Bonus: We don’t stop helping after delivery. Servicing the equipment we supply is one of the reasons we’re a preferred supplier in Silicon Valley.

You can contact 925.667.3400 or to talk to us. Let’s book a plant survey and discuss how CDA Systems can meet your needs.

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