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  • Peg Minichiello

Measuring the Energy Costs Of Your Air Compressor in 10 Easy Steps

Facilities around the globe are being called to reduce energy costs and pollution levels emitted from their facility. With this strong call to action being enforced by more and more companies, now is the time to jump on board.

There are many ways to manage these costs and levels, but it is impossible to implement any of them without first measuring what they are.

Today we will be focusing on using data loggers to measure the energy costs of your air compressor.

Measuring Energy Costs With Data Loggers

Data loggers are very helpful tools for measuring energy usage & patterns of use in compressed air systems. Not only are they an effective low-cost solution, they’re also easy to use and install which adds to their popularity.

Here’s the most effective way of implementing this method

1. Install a data logger on all of the air compressors in use

2. Set the data logger to read every 30 seconds

3. Set the data logger to collect these readings for a full seven days

4. Collect these readings once complete

5. Form a graph using these readings

6. Analyze these readings and note key data & insights

7. Use this key data and insights identify problem areas

8. Use this identification to come up with solutions

9. Implement these solutions

10. Watch your energy costs decrease

Data Logging for The Win

Data loggers empower you to ensure you’re always operating at optimal levels of efficiency. They’re also fantastic at identifying problems you didn’t even know you had. Because you’re able to gather and analyze data before & after you implement a solution, they offer validation that your energy-saving attempts are worth it. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a virtual pat on the back?

Need A Little Help?

While these methods are easy to try out, they can sometimes feel overwhelming—especially if you’re not confident in your knowledge of all things air compressor.

This is where the experts come in.

Contact CDA Systems experts for the evaluation of existing plant air systems to assess the need for preventative maintenance, inefficiency and energy reduction retrofits. 925.667.3400/

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