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Multiple Compressor Systems 3 Ways to Improve Performance

There’s a constant need to improve performance in business. Improved performance leads to increased productivity which in turn leads to increasing profits. Most companies will eagerly invest time and money to ensure that their businesses are running at an optimal level. Is yours?

Performance and control are even more fundamental in a volatile environment such as plant site. Here, operating numerous compressor systems need close monitoring & supervision.

Bin the Unregulated Control Scheme

If you’re operating a depository of air compressors that isn’t managed, it’s time to reconsider. Look at more efficient ways of running your operation. The disadvantages of running your system without proper surveillance are:

- Compressor overload: You have too many compressors running when it’s not required losing energy and power unnecessarily.

- Incorrect combination: It's important to find the right combination when running multiple compressors. The onboard controllers don't have the intelligence to pick up what the correct combination should be for optimal functionality.

- Excessive Pressure: If all the air compressors in your depository are not in alignment, you have pressure building up causing too much pressure to be released.

Implement a Smart System Control

Making use of smart system controllers is the same as having extra eyes and ears on your air compressor system. The function of a smart system controller is to match the exact demand and supply in the system to prevent any waste or energy loss. This is a more efficient way of running your operation.

The benefits of using a smart system controller are:

- Implementing energy-saving combinations

- Using intelligent and logical algorithms to find the perfect equilibrium in the system

- Being pro-active opposed to only reacting to harmful signals in the controls

- Using pre-fills to avoid the inefficiency of all the compressors starting up to normalize levels

- The standby mode allows compressors to be shut down when demand isn’t very high

Assess Your System Controls

Now that you’ve implemented a smart system control, make sure that your system has the following features included:

- Off-site monitoring via a web-based system

- The ability to regulate any kind of compressor

- Running hours must be equal and controlled

Contact Us

Now that you understand the benefits of implementing better controls in your operation, why not call us today for a site evaluation?

CDA can provide a service program to meet your company’s needs. Let’s start with a site visit or we can send you a standard quote. Request yours now: 925.667.3400/

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