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Problems Associated with Compressed Air Demand and the Possible Solutions

When it comes to compressed air performance systems, you need to understand the supply and demand aspect of the entire process. Only then can your organization know whether its systems are performing at optimum capacity.

Today we’re going to focus on the demand side of these systems as it significantly affects productivity. Usually if the compressed air system is performing below standard, it’s caused by a number of problems which we’re going to highlight shortly.

Thereafter we’re going to look at a few possible solutions to these problems.

Common Problems

Problems associated with compressed air demand are usually as a result of the following:

  • Absence of storage in the overhead lines

  • Failure of compressed air to pass through the filter and regulator at the appropriate rate

  • A high percentage of leakage in the blow molding equipment

  • Pressure drop

Short Term Solutions

For the above-mentioned problems, there are a few actions required to rectify the situation as we’ll outline below:

  • It’s paramount to repair the air leaks present on the equipment

  • Next you have to bypass regulators on the blow machines

  • Where necessary, you must change the filter elements to eliminate pressure drop

  • Reduce the system pressure to the acceptable levels required for quality control

  • Reset the low-pressure shutdown on the blow molder machine

Long Term Solutions

The above solutions need to be implemented urgently. But there are long term actions you need to take to prevent the problem from recurring. By incorporating long term strategies, you’re guaranteed stability in the system’s operations. Without changes you’ll experience the same problems again.

A few long-term solutions include:

  • Investing in a leak reduction program

  • Installing an air receiver at all points of use

  • Regular servicing of air compressor intercoolers

  • Installing air receivers before the main piping

  • Implementing leak detection programs for low pressure systems

  • Making use of flow meters for preventative maintenance

Let’s Get You Started

The above solutions seem pretty simple and straightforward. But it’s important to note that any pressure regulations on the machines need to be done methodically and slowly. Our team of experts are highly trained in this regard and will help you with the necessary solutions. So why not contact us today (925.667.3400/ and we’ll gladly assist.

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