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  • Peg Minichiello

System Evaluation and Audits—Where Do You Need Help Today?

The intricacies of a plant give you new challenges on a regular basis:

  • You need to maintain the infrastructure

  • A small change or addition to your plant impacts the entire system

  • Over time components may show wear and tear which call for upgrades

Monitoring all these scenarios requires a lot of time which you and your staff won’t always have available.

When it comes to managing your air compression and clean air components, CDA Systems can take that responsibility off your hands. It all starts with an in-depth audit.


We know the efficacy of our clients’ plants is determined by all aspects of an air system:

  • Generating the substance, such as the air leaking from a compressor

  • Controlling this output so it doesn’t escape and negatively affect other parts of the plant, or your workers

  • Treating the substance so it becomes safe and usable

  • Distributing it to the correct areas such as delivering treated water into a sewer system

  • Using it again after it’s been treated

A problem in any one of these facets could lead to huge challenges. Therefore, during our audits and evaluations, we look at all components.

Not Only Maintaining but IMPROVING

CDA Systems became a reputable, preferred supplier in Silicon Valley because we always go the extra mile. We don’t simply want you to maintain the status quo; If there’s a possibility of improvement we’ll find it and suggest to you how it can be done, such as becoming more cost-effective.

This is especially necessary for older plants. The many changes you’ve made over the years—even though they’re improvements—will affect your plant’s air demands. To get back on track, creating a safe, clean and effective environment, you’ll need to adjust your air system. CDA Systems’ comprehensive audits tell you what you need to do.

Trust CDA Systems’ Insight to Your Advantage

30 years in the air compression industry has taught us where to look for problems and how to implement solutions. Allow our expertise to benefit you.

We’ll start with a plant survey and provide you with options and quotes. Let’s evaluate, change and get your plant working optimally again. Book on: 925.667.3400 or

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