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The Dangers of Using Oversized Dryers in Chemical Plants

The drying process is widely used in chemical plants. Here unnecessary liquid is removed from different material in an attempt to lower costs of transportation and storage of the final product. To effectively carry out this drying process you’ll need to use specialized equipment called dryers.

If you have a large chemical plant, your first thought may be to use the largest dryer you can find in a bid to speed up operations. But unfortunately using an oversized dryer is less likely to give you the results you want.

What constitutes an oversized dryer?

It’s one that’s too big for the connected air compressors you’re using in your chemical plant. As a result it’ll fail to fully utilize the on-board energy saving features causing it to operate below capacity.

Side Effects of Oversized Dryers

Because of the unused energy savings on the unit the following may result:

- The site air compressors and compressed air dryers will be running inefficiently

- Ineffective pressure control of the plant compressed system

- Excessive pressure is placed on the dryer’s heating system causing it to generate more heat than expected

- Inefficient operation of the trim compressor

- A difference in pressure levels across both the air dryer and filters

The Solution

While replacing the entire system would be ideal, it’s not the most practical solution. Fortunately there are a few improvements you can make to improve operational efficiency of your existing dryer. These include:

- Adjusting the heating system on the unit and replacing the dew control

- Replacing the modulating air compressor as well as the heatless dryer

- Implementing a better co-ordinated compressor control system’

- Replacing, maintaining and modifying the dryer inlet and outlet filters

We Can Help

Figuring out all the above on your own can be pretty daunting. How do you adjust the heating system or replace the heatless dryer?

Fortunately you don’t have to worry about that. That’s why we’re here. Why not leave it to the experts? CDA Systems will have your dryer functioning at its optimum capacity.

Need more information? Get in touch with us today on 925.667.3400/ and we’ll gladly be at your service.

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