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The Dos and Don’ts of Air Filtration

If you would like to increase the lifespan of your equipment and production plant, proper maintenance is required for optimal performance. Preparing your air accurately in the compressed air environment is as important as servicing your machinery regularly.

Proper air filtration is one of the methods used to remove harmful elements such as dirt, excessive oils or unwanted metallic substances that hamper performances. If these elements aren’t removed speedily it will affect the valves and tubes in the compressor making it redundant & ineffective.

Compressed air filtration has become essential in operating machinery to avoid unnecessary downtimes and loss of energy. It's a preventative measure used extensively in the compressed air industry.

But there are some wrong assumptions around air filtration where questionable methods are applied. This needs clarification.

Do - Use the Correct Filter To Remove Pollutants

Selecting the correct filter or air treatment is vital as there are several kinds of filters used to remove pollutants. Pollutants you possibly want to remove include water vapors, bacteria or even odors. The most common application is usually to remove solid elements or water in which case you will then use water separators.

Don’t – Repeatedly Use Cartridges Without Replacing Them

Filter cartridges are used in water separators to filter out unwanted water and other particles. The cartridges used can wear out easily and need to be replaced regularly to avoid it losing effectiveness. If the filter cartridges aren’t replaced after a few uses, it will affect the filtration of the system rendering it useless.

Do - Use Dryers to Remove Water Vapors

Water vapors are difficult to remove and need either a refrigerant dryer, membrane dryer or adsorption dryer to remove it successfully. Using a coalescing filter will not do the trick as it’s beyond its capacity to do so. Dryers have the power to reach the required dew point to remove water vapors efficiently.

Don’t – Overuse Drying Agents

A drying agent is used in adsorption dryers and needs to be replaced after 8000 hours of service. Repeatedly using it without replacing it will render it unserviceable.

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