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  • Peg Minichiello

Troubleshooting Tips for Your Air Compressor

Due to the somewhat complex nature of air compressed systems it is highly likely that you will experience system issues at some point in time.

Thankful, while frustrating, not every issue is cause of major concern. They can often be rectified easily if you have the proper knowledge & understanding of how your system works.

Let’s take a look at some common system issues so you know how to deal with them in future.

High Operating Temperature

If your compressor is running at a higher temperature than normal or making unusual noises your infrastructure might well be on the way to overheating. Check for any obstructions in the inlet filters and make sure that your air compressor is properly ventilated.

Rust In Air Lines

Finding rust in your air lines is normally the sign of ageing or badly maintained pipes; they will need to be replaced. While you’re waiting for them to be replaced, execute a short-term solution and install filters before the point-of-use.

Excess Water or Moisture in air lines

If you find an excess of water or moisture in your air lines a failed condensate trap or faulty air dyer is likely the cause of this. Inspect these parts and replace as necessary. If both are in optimal condition then it could be that your dryer is the incorrect size.

Oil Found Downstream of The Compressor

Oil downstream is never a good sight. Firstly, make sure that the oil level is not too high and then move on to check that your oil separation system is in working order.

Frequent Loss of Oil

If you often experience low levels of oil you could have an oil leak. Fill up your oil as instructed by your operation manual and inspect for any obvious leaks. This issue could also be attributed to shoddy maintenance, general wear and tear & the age of your compressor. 

Trouble with Troubleshooting?

Even with handy troubleshooting tips to deal with common system issues, sometimes a little extra help is needed.

Or have you tried these tips and the issues keep occurring? Perhaps there is an underlying issue.

CDA Systems’ expertise in clean dry air will assure the proper solution is found. Rely on CDA’s factory trained service team. Call us today: 925.667.3400 /

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