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What Are the Benefits of Air Pressure Amplifiers?

You’ve probably heard all about air pressure amplifiers; but do you know just why they’re so popular?

Air amplifiers, also known as air boosters, are used to boost existing plant air to a higher pressure than what is currently being achieved. They are often found in compressed air systems because they’re a cost effective tool that can lead to an increased overall efficiency.

Air amplifiers use the same compressed air source to drive and amplify. This way they don’t require electrical power to operate.

Because of the low cost involved in including and running an air amplifier as part of your compressed air system they’re gaining popularity. Are you benefiting optimally from these systems yet?

What Are the Benefits of Air Pressure Amplifiers?

Air pressure amplifiers are a fantastic way of making sure your compressed air system is running smoothly and at its peak level of performance. The multiple benefits of this innovative system include:

No electricity requiredVacuum, velocity and flow can be controlled with easeNo moving parts, thus no maintenance is requiredCompact, portable and lightweightQuiet operationMeets OSHA pressure and noise requirementsBoth the vacuum and discharge ends can be ducted with easeNo internal obstructions to worry aboutEasy to regulate supply air pressure to decrease the outlet flowHigh flow amplification

It’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

Let’s Connect

After reading about the benefits of installing and operating an air pressure amplifier, who wouldn’t want to get one installed?

With the use of clever accessories and additions to your compressed air system you can significantly improve the quality of compressed air produced as well as improve your overall system efficiency. Make sure these benefits help you with improving productivity and meeting budget goals.

CDA Systems can help determine what your compressed air system needs to be optimized. Call us today for a site evaluation or request a free quote. We’re also available for advice on air pressure amplifiers and doing installations or maintenance. Contact us: 925.667.3400 /

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