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The role of the Manufacturer’s Representative, is simple and often misunderstood. Manufacturers’ Representative are independent companies with experienced sales teams with product line application. Their focus is serving YOU, their customer. A Manufacturer’s Representative has the knowledge and technical expertise gained through training and fostered by continued on the job experience.

Manufacturers’ Representative have offices near you, fully trained staff, 24/7/365 service, on call Emergency service, factory certified and trained technicians, in-stock critical parts for your equipment, phone, skype and in person support, warranty support, in-house training

seminars, etc.

What can CDA Systems offer me and my company?

KNOWLEDGE – CDA Systems offers numerous manufacturer’s lines. Our on-site experience and knowledge of your plant, allows us to quickly and effectively resolve issues. Our team is capable and trained to work on many different brands of

compressors and dryers. CDA Systems can offer solutions with additional manufacturer’s key components for your system.

ADVOCACY – We make your equipment and parts transactions run smoother, as we understand your company’s and the manufacturer’s requirements, and negotiate on your behalf.

COMPANY MEETINGS – Invite a CDA Systems to your next facilities meeting. Let us offer insight into maintaining your system to strengthen your facilities’ up-time.

SYSTEM DEMONSTRATION AND SYSTEM RENTALS – CDA Systems can demonstrate systems, with other customer site systems or installing a short-term rental.

EXPOSURE TO NEW PRODUCTS – CDA Systems can offer solutions with other key components in the Clean Dry Air industry; saving you time and money.

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY INQUIRIES – We will deliver you the equipment and parts you require at the right price and the right time.

DOCUMENTATION – We document and maintain the dates and what specific services have been performed on your equipment.

ADHERENCE TO YOUR ON-SITE REQUIREMENTS – CDA System follows your on-site training, MOP, SOW, etc. and badging requirements, as well as ASAP, ISN, OSCA and requires drug and alcohol screening.

PROBLEM SOLVING – CDA Systems will provide solutions for your specifications and arrange the logistics ranging from air leak inspections, warranty, rentals, freight, delivery, service, pricing, payment schedules and more.

Please contact us today at 925.667.3400 or to arrange a technical site walk or provide a quote for any service

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