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Why Water Vapor Must Be Removed from a Compressed Air System

Water, in the form of either liquid or vapor, is the most commonly found contaminant in compressed air systems.

What’s so frustrating is that it’s incredibly easy for water vapor to occur—but nowhere near as easy to remove it.

Unfortunately, the hassle of removing water vapor is nothing compared to the hassle that will come from not removing it.

Here’s why.

Why is It Important to Remove Water Vapor?

Dry air is critical for the proper performance of a compressed air system. No liquid moisture should feature in this air. So, what happens when water vapor is not dealt with? When left unchecked water vapor can wreak havoc in your compressed air system.

The Consequences Of Not Removing Water Vapor

One of the most prominent consequences of not removing water vapor is the risk of corrosion. Corrosion can lead to equipment and pipework failure as well as an increased level of particulate contaminants.

On top of the risk of corrosion there are other consequences of not removing water vapor from your compressed air system which include the following:

- Direct impact on processes when water is introduced

- Damage to air tools and moving parts by hindering lubrication

- Blockage of control air lines

- Prevention of proper actuating and reading from instruments

- Freezing in control lines or components in cold weather or conditions

- Affect the overall quality of finished producs (specifically in using compressed air in paint applications)

- Increased downtime

How to Remove Water Vapor from Your Compressed Air System

Thankfully, there are various methods that can be applied to remove water vapor from your compressed air system. The most commonly used techniques are adsorption and refrigeration. Thanks to modern equipment you can have this automatically done in the areas where you need dry air.

What Water Vapor?

Are you concerned you aren’t removing water vapor as efficiently as possible in your facility? CDA Systems’ expertise in Clean Dry Air will assure the proper solution for your process.

Get hold of us today and allow us to remove your worries as well as the water vapor. 925.667.3400/

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