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Industrial Air and Vacuum

CDA Systems collaborates closely with Powerex to ensure you receive the right equipment at the right time for the right application.  

Powerex has been designing and packaging systems since 1988.  Powerex has built a foundation on engineering, innovation, quality, and service to become a leader in vacuum and air systems.  Powerex is committed to providing the best value in the markets we service by applying these pillars of our foundation into every system that we build.  

Powerex engineering’s vertical integration and a full in-house engineering staff, Powerex can customize both electrical control panels as well as the mechanical portion of the system to meet a wide variety of customer needs.  Powerex was the first company to package NFPA 99 compliant scroll systems. Powerex designs and manufactures a complete line of NFPA 99 compliant systems – Vacuum, Air, and Instrument Air.  Along with manufacturing air compressors, Powerex builds many of the major components, such as UL control panels, desiccant dryers, dew point monitors and internally lined air receivers in-house.  All Powerex facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

The Powerex Tank Mounted Climate Control Systems

Climate Control Systems tank mounted Climate Control systems are the following: Low annual maintenance cost; 0-2 PPM Oil Carryover; UL listed controls; Low noise; NEMA 1 Enclosure; and High Efficiency and EISA compliant motors (except 3/4 HP models).  The Powerex Tank Mounted Climate Control systems Features 3-5Hp Simplex Models; 3-5 HP systems are UL/CSA certified; Integral 13 gallon tank ASME/CRN; Inlet filtration with replaceable element; Front mounted control panel includes: On/Off switch; Power on light; High temperature shutdown with indication light; Run time; Pressure gauge; Automatic start/stop operation; Control voltage starter with motor overload protection; Internal vibration isolators; Air-cooled aftercooler; and ODP Motor.  

Powerex - Climate Control Systems tank mounted Climate Control systems

Powerex Industrial Vacuum Tankmount Systems

Powerex Industrial Vacuum Tankmount Systems feature a lubricated rotary vane pump, one of the simplest and most reliable pump types available. The use of oil in the pump produces higher efficiencies, lower operating temperatures, and lower sound levels. These pumps are also the most suitable to high ambient temperatures, which makes them ideal for manufacturing or process applications where environmental temperatures tend to be higher. These pumps also have the lowest initial cost and high ultimate vacuum levels (29.3 Hg in end vacuum). By tank mounting the pumps on an ASME air receiver and adding a UL listed NEMA 1 control panel, Powerex has designed systems that are perfect for manufacturing processes like material handling, packing, food processing, and printing.

Powerex Industrial Vacuum Tankmount Systems