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Powerex Industrial Vacuum Tankmount Systems

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Consult with CDA Systems and Powerex to provide a solution for your vacuum Tankmount systems.  We will work with you and your facility team to supply the best solution for your vacuum needs.

Powerex Industrial Vacuum Tankmount Systems feature a lubricated rotary vane pump, one of the simplest and most reliable pump types available. The use of oil in the pump produces higher efficiencies, lower operating temperatures, and lower sound levels. These pumps are also the most suitable to high ambient temperatures, which makes them ideal for manufacturing or process applications where environmental temperatures tend to be higher. (Consult factory for applications where ambient temperatures are above 104°F.) These pumps also have the lowest initial cost and high ultimate vacuum levels (29.3 Hg in end vacuum). By tank mounting the pumps on an ASME air receiver and adding a UL listed NEMA 1 control panel, Powerex has designed systems that are perfect for manufacturing processes like material handling, packing, food processing, and printing.


Powerex Industrial Vacuum Tankmount Systems features: 29.3” Hg End Vacuum Integrated Coalescing Filter; High Temp Alarm Standard; ASME Air Receivers; UL-listed NEMA 1 Control Panel; Low annual maintenance cost; Easy installation; Low operating temperatures; Manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities

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