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The Powerex Tank Mounted Climate Control Systems

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The Powerex Tank Mounted Climate Control systems have been designed and tested to meet the most demanding specifications for low oil carryover and long life in the pneumatic climate control industry. The Powerex Tank Mounted Climate Control motors are NEMA Class B design. Powerex duplex configuration (AD models) are ideal for instrumentation systems requiring an alternate compressor for standby or overload capacity.

Climate Control Systems tank mounted Climate Control systems are the following: Low annual maintenance cost; 0-2 PPM Oil Carryover; UL listed controls; Low noise; NEMA 1 Enclosure; and High Efficiency and EISA compliant motors (except 3/4 HP models).  The Powerex Tank Mounted Climate Control systems Features 3-5HP Simplex Models; 3-5HP systems are UL/CSA certified; Integral 13 gallon tank ASME/CRN; Inlet filtration with replaceable element; Front mounted control panel includes: On/Off switch; Power on light; High temperature shutdown with indication light; Run time hourmeter; Pressure gauge; Automatic start/stop operation; Control voltage starter with motor overload protection; Internal vibration isolators; Air-cooled aftercooler; and ODP Motor.  The optional Powerex Scroll Tankmount Enclosure Systems Whisperair™ Sound Enclosure Cabinet Powerex’s trademarked oil-free enclosure systems offer the lowest noise levels in the industry. Each Powerex Tank Mounted Climate Control systems is packaged in a rigid steel frame with powder coated panels and lined with sound-deadening insulation. The low noise levels are unmatched in the industry and allow installation at the point of use, while the small footprint simultaneously maximizes floor space.

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